Prof. Ugo Covani

Camaiore (LU), Italy

Sinus lift.
Maxillary sinus lift procedure with lateral approach

Placement of RE-BONE mixed with PRF
Open window on the lateral breast wall

Use of the SHELTER membrane to protect the Schneider membrane
Preparation of RE-BONE mixed with PRF

Closure of the site; removal of sutures after two weeks

Dr. Filippo De Paolis
Dr. Michele Benegiamo
Dr. Viviana Prete

Techniques and materials in implant-supported rehabilitation, maxillary sinus lift and contextual GBR.
Vertical and horizontal maxillary bone defects

RE-BONE biomaterial in situ and resorbable SHELTER pericardium membrane
Sinus lift and lateral osteotomy

SHELTER resorbable pericardium membrane covering the graft and retention pins
Sinus lift with lateral and contextual GBR osteotomy

Closure of the site; removal of sutures after two weeks

Dr. Walter Stablum

Borgo Valsugana (TN), Italy

Regenerative therapy of an intraosseous defect with a minimally invasive approach.
Initial clinical survey

Defect filled with RE-BONE biomaterial and amelogenins
Incision and unglued flap

Sutures and cyanoacrylate
8mm intraoperative probe and enamel beads

Clinical and radiographic situation at 6 months

Dr. Stefano Parma Benfenati

Ferrara, Italy

Anterior Tooth Replacement with two-stage implant and regenerative approach technique.
X-ray of the defect. Full-thickness flap elevation

RE-BONE Biomaterial positioned to fill the defect
Defect diagnosis and implant placement

Positioning of SHELTER resorbable pericardium membrane to cover the graft, and site closure with PTFE sutures. Clinical image after a 9 month- uneventful healing
Resorbable "dome" and evaluation of correct implant placement

Comparative clinical images, at II stage implant surgery
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