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The bone substitute of bovine origin treated at low temperature through the innovative Thermagen production process, produced by an entirely Italian supply chain. Compared to the presence on the market of bone substitutes of bovine origin treated at high temperatures or produced with raw materials from other sources (porcine, equine, synthetic), at UBGEN® we enhance the winning characteristics of the bovine bone substitute with the Thermagen innovative production process at low temperatures. Thanks to this protocol, we are able to avoid the so-called "ceramization" of the bone substitute, thus ensuring its total resorption and giving it high biocompatibility as well as adequate macro/microporosity.


The resorbable bovine pericardium membrane specifically designed for bone surgery in dentistry and produced by an entirely Italian supply chain. At UBGEN® we have developed two types of membranes capable of using the beneficial effects of bovine pericardium which acts as a natural protective barrier: • SHELTER® FAST Membrane with natural resorption of 4-5 weeks and excellent traction resilience, thanks to the intertwined structure of the collagen fibres. • SHELTER® SLOW Slow resorption membrane (4-6 months) thanks to the reinforced bonds of the collagen fibres, made more resistant by the Pericross cross-linking process capable of making the membrane resorbable in the long-term compared to the SHELTER® FAST version. In the thicker version, it can replace non-resorbable solutions in some types of surgery with the benefit of.


The first class IIa certified blood phase separator for the preparation of platelet concentrates Scientific literature agrees in promoting the use of platelet-derived factors for numerous clinical applications and several biochemical studies that have demonstrated the ability of platelet concentrates to stimulate various cell lines. In fact, through the release of growth factors, platelets act as metabolic inducers, promoting the regeneration of injured tissues, significantly accelerating wound healing and stimulating osteogenesis and vasculogenesis. These components are widely used in regenerative practice and are the ideal booster to be associated with UBGEN® biomaterials.


Hyaluronic acid is one of the main components of connective tissues together with collagen and elastin fibres. It is a polysaccharide naturally produced by the body in order to protect the tissues and keep them hydrated. It is possible to apply ACTI-BONE® directly on the surgical site, or use it in combination with RE-BONE® bone substitute to obtain the so-called "sticky bone" or with SHELTER® FAST or SHELTER® SLOW pericardium membranes to enhance their chemotactic capacity.


SAFE-BONE® is produced through a selective laser melting process (SLM) using specific grade 5 titanium powders, historically recognized as inert and biocompatible.1-2 Each individual titanium mesh is designed to adapt to the patient's anatomical details, based on images created with CAD/CAM and an intra-oral scan provided by the clinician.
We certify that the entire range of medical devices described above is CE marked and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of Directive 93/42 / EEC implemented in Italy with the DLGS. n. 46 dated 24-02-97 and subsequent amendments. The company operates in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.

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