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APGĀ® (Autologous Platelets Gel).
The APGĀ® technique is the most advanced autologous system for obtaining a Platelet Concentrate.

The role of platelets

Platelets play a key role in controlling the first phase of hemostasis. In recent years, the identification of some special molecules inside them - known as Platelet Growth Factors - has opened up new perspectives and possible applications in the medical and surgical field.

Numerous biochemical studies have shown a growth-stimulatory effect on different cell lines, with platelets acting as metabolic inducers: they release growth factors that immediately come into action, stimulate the regeneration of damaged tissues for longer, and significantly accelerate the healing process.

Each of these identified factors target a specific cell line (skin, muscle, ligaments and tendons, bone, blood vessels), acting on the metabolism of the treated tissue with a synergistic, anti-inflammatory and reparative action.