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A new and exclusive collagen-based implant surface coating.
A biological surface to promote osseointegration.

The functions of collagen

1. Angiogenesis
Collagen has a chemotactic action on monocytes/macrophages cell lines, from which osteoclasts derive. In turn, these cells promote angiogenesis by secreting angiogenic growth factors. Collagen can also activate the receptors on the cell membrane of platelets, facilitating hemostasis.

2. Remodelling
Collagen has a chemotactic action on osteoclast precursors; these cells, through their action on mineral component resorption, collaborate with osteoblasts in bone rearranging and remodelling. The presence of collagen therefore helps reduce remodelling time.

3. Osteoblastic Activity
Collagen, binding to fibronectin, promotes the anchorage of mesenchymal stem progenitors, on which it exerts its chemotactic action, and induces differentiation into osteoblasts.

4. Osteoconduction and guided bone regeneration
Collagen can both increase osteoblast proliferation rate and guide the regeneration of connective tissue.

These stimulation mechanisms promote natural bone regeneration.

The presence of Actigen® on the implant surface, therefore, causes the first stage of new bone formation to occur earlier, providing a matrix that is ready for mineralisation by the relevant cells (osteoblasts) and for subsequent bone growth, while also promoting osseointegration with biochemical stimulation.