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Our biomaterials are entirely made in an Italian production chain.


A specific line of bone substitutes and cell separators designed to promote tissue regeneration
in bone and reconstructive surgery.

Microporosity of the mineral structure

The microporosity of a biomaterial is a key factor for tissue regeneration.

An increased contact surface between the graft and the cells of the surrounding tissue increases the likelihood that the biomaterial will be colonised by bone progenitor cells.

Nanostructured biomaterials mimic the extracellular matrix of natural bone, creating a microenvironment that promotes cell adhesion, proliferation and differentiation.

Analyses were conducted under a scanning electron microscope to assess the quality of the RE-BONE® bone substitute's microporosity.

In the images shown here, the material's micro-roughness - intended as surface opening, cracking and non-continuity - can be observed at both the macroscopic (observation scale of 200 μm) and the microscopic, cellular level (observation scale of 1 μm).

There are also some visible cracks within the granule, which will allow cells and vessels to colonise the graft in depth, decreasing bone substitute resorption time.