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APG® (Autologous Platelets Gel).
The APG® technique is the most advanced autologous system for obtaining a Platelet Concentrate.

GF-ONE& Centrifuge

A counter-top device specifically designed for separating blood components. It is managed by a microprocessor which allows users to set speed [RPM] and centrifugation time, with the ability to customise programmes.

GF-ONE® centrifuge optionals:

  • 8-position steel strip rotor (10/15mL)
  • 4-position steel strip rotor (10/15mL)
  • 4-position steel strip rotor (3/50mL)
  • 12-position steel strip rotor (2.5/5mL)
  • 10/15 mL tube rack
  • 30/50 mL tube rack
  • 10 mL vial adapters