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APG® (Autologous Platelets Gel).
The APG® technique is the most advanced autologous system for obtaining a Platelet Concentrate.

Applications in dentistry

Several studies suggest that the use of a platelet concentrate, either alone or combined with other surgical techniques, or even as a support to implant devices, improves the success of operations, significantly increasing the patient's comfort and reducing healing time.

The APG® method is used for:

  • bone regeneration in tooth extraction sockets
  • bone defect regeneration (periradicular surgery)
  • bone regeneration after cyst removal
  • bone regeneration around implants, improving osseointegration
  • sinus lifts
  • surgical treatment of osteonecrosis (BRONJ)
  • accelerating the healing of surgical wounds
  • decreasing inflammation and postoperative pain.

In all these treatments, the adhesive nature of APG® facilitates the handling of implant material, improving hemostasis and wound closure compared to the traditional technique.

Furthermore, recent studies have shown that the use of platelet-rich plasma increases microvascular proliferation in the early stages of healing, followed by a better osteoblastic activity with increased osteoid formation.