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A new and exclusive collagen-based implant surface coating.
A biological surface to promote osseointegration.

Actigen®: the difference lies in the result

The analysis of histomorphometry data on Actigen®-coated implants has shown that the localisation of collagen molecules at the interface has statistically significantly increased both the percentage of bone-implant contact and bone growth within the implant threads.

Results demonstrate that the Actigen® surface allows an increase in BIC (Bone Interface Contact) of up to 3 times compared to a traditional surface in only two weeks.

Why Collagen?

  • stimulates angiogenesis
  • promotes cell adhesion
  • promotes osteoblastic behaviour
  • promotes remodelling and mineralisation

What benefits does it provide?

  • prepares the implant surface to be rapidly colonised by bone tissue
  • increases BIC
  • allows for faster bone growth
  • increases bone quantity and quality
  • stimulates platelet activation
  • it is a Class III certified device, complying with strict requirements to ensure patient safety and protection